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David Cameron And Ofgem Still Won't Get You The Cheapest Gas And Electricity Bills.

Gas and Electricity

Yesterday I was happy to hear David Cameron the PM take what seemed like a stance against energy companies.

To me this seemed well overdue, before yesterday I had never really been a fan of David Cameron but I will have to give him props on taking this stance.

Now back to Mr Cameron's, proposed legislation----- when I dug deeper I noticed that Mr Cameron had made this statement "I can announce that we will be legislating so that energy companies have to give the lowest tariff to their customers.”

Although this may help to a certain extent it may not do the job that he expects it to do. I am sure that Mr Cameron wants this legislation to help the most vulnerable and also help the UK population cope with ever soaring energy bills.

The only problem I see with the legislation is that it does not mean that energy companies will have to tell consumers that they may be able to get their gas and electricity much cheaper if they compared prices of other UK energy providers.
 I don't think this will ever happen. That's like Tesco saying to a consumer you can get your loaf of bread cheaper if you head into Asda.

NOW I AM HEARING OFGEM has now repeated David Cameron's words. I am now left wondering who to praise now. But since the PM said it first I suppose I shall still give him credit.

Now, a lot of consumers have stuck with the same energy provider for a number of years through thick and thin and might think that their energy provider appreciates their loyalty. Let's face it they won't be sending out a golden clock for your 25th year loyalty. The only thing that your loyalty with an energy company may cost you is money and that's out of your own pocket.

NOW BACK TO MY RANT: If an energy company only has to place a customer on the cheapest tariff then that is not going to be good enough. What if all gas and electricity providers only had to compete on price with simplified tariffs? I think that would be a better option.

As a matter of fact I think that could turn into a something like a supermarket price war. But the problem is that the tariffs are never straight forward. And it's not similar to buying a loaf of bread. The only way that this could ever happen is if they all had simplified tariffs, which were easy for consumers to understand.


Now back to my rant one more time and how to fight back: Energy companies have gotten away with this for so long and It's a shame that many people have to suffer during the winter and even go without heating because they cannot afford to heat their home. This is not humane.

In my travels in the UK I have even come across a couple that have had to use a candle to heat up their house and also wrap up in duvets during winter to keep warm.

This is not acceptable and its heart breaking when one has to witness things like this. It has also now become a norm for a number of households.

Now the only way which you and I can fight back against the energy companies that charge us high rates for our gas and electricity will be to compare prices of all UK gas and electricity suppliers to find out which is the cheapest and transfer to the cheapest supplier.


It's NOT as difficult to change to a cheaper supplier as many people may think it is or as your energy provider may want you to think it is.

I do agree that there is never one energy provider that is always the cheapest and that it why it's always a good idea to compare prices on a regular basis. Some households compare prices every 6 months, some every year to always get the cheapest supplies.

Now with that said I hope you won't have to use a candle or freeze in your own house this winter just because you are being over charged by your current energy provider.

The only thing that you can do now is to fight back and take back what belongs to you ££££££. Compare all gas and electricity providers, find out which one is the cheapest and transfer. It's as easy as that to find a cheaper supplier that you can switch over to and save money.

This is how to find the cheapest electricity provider to switch to now.

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