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Why Does It Seem That I Am Paying Too Much For My Gas And Electricity?

Gas and Electricity

Reasons for high energy bills.

You Could Be On An Expensive tariff. This is what usually happens when someone moves property and doesn’t compare energy prices. Some people may move into a property and just register their name with the same energy provider that the previous occupant was using. A mistake is, that energy provider may be the most expensive in the region and the previous tenant may not have bothered to find out.
It’s always wise idea to always compare prices of all gas and electricity suppliers for your region when you move into a new property, doing this will ensure that you’re able to find out which supplier is the cheapest that you can switch over to.

Comparing energy prices online and switching to the cheapest provider can be completed online in minutes.

Estimated reading.  Having an estimated bill is usually one on the reasons why some consumers may think that they have a high energy bill, but what an estimated bill really means is that your bill has not been calculated based on an actual meter reading. In order for your energy supplier to send out a bill they have had to estimate your usage because that have not got details of your actual usage. You can easily confirm if your bill has been based on an estimated reading by taking a look at the bill that was and comparing the readings on the bill to reading on your meter.


If it is an estimated bill then the readings that they've used will either be higher or lower. If the readings on the bill are lower than what it shows on the meter then you can expect to pay more than what's on the bill. Time to compare energy suppliers to find out if you can get your gas and electricity from a cheaper supplier, you can use our site to compare gas and electricity prices.

Moved Property and just got a bill? This is another reason why some energy customers receive high gas and electricity bills as a matter of fact a lot of customers who fall into this category do end up paying too much for their energy supplies.

When moving into a new property and when taking over supplies sometimes a gas and electricity supplier may just place you on a standard tariff. These standard tariffs can be very high compared to other available tariffs that could lower your energy bill.

A good way to go about finding which tariff is the best for your supplies is by comparing gas and electricity prices online. This will enable you to compare rates for all gas and electricity providers in your region and you’ll be able to find out which one of them is the cheapest that you can switch to. This only takes a few minutes and you can compare prices online and also switch online too without having to speak to anyone. After you switch to the cheapest provider that you'll find online they’ll send you all the paperwork shortly after.

Your House may not be energy efficient. A house that isn’t energy efficient will constantly feel cold and there will be a need for the heating to be kept on a lot. Usually if you rent the property you’ll need to speak to your landlord about this, there are some free energy efficiency schemes offered by the government. You may also want to check that your boiler has been serviced too. A faulty or an old boiler will use up a lot of gas.

Another way in which you could make your property energy efficient if you believe that you’re paying too much for energy is to use energy efficient light bulbs and to turn all electrical equipment off standby. You can also turn off the heating in the rooms that you do not use and also keep the heating off when there is no one in the property. 

When was the last time you compared gas and electricity prices? This could also be another reason why you seem to be paying too much for your gas and electricity. Some households just do not bother to switch and just don’t realise that they are paying much more than what they should for their gas and electricity supplies. A solution for this is to compare gas and electricity prices. Some households compare every six months whilst others may compare every 12 months to find out if there is a cheaper gas and electricity supplier that they can switch over to. 

If you’ve never compared gas and electricity prices then you could end up paying too much, but you’ll only find out  if you're paying too much by comparing the prices of all energy providers for your region. When comparing energy prices to see if you’re being charged too much for your gas and electricity prices we always suggest that you use an independent price comparison site.  You can use our site to get access to an impartial price comparison site to compare your gas and electricity supplies today. 

I trust this article has shed some light on why you may be paying too much for your gas and electricity supplies?

Trying to lower your energy bill? Compare energy prices online now and find a cheaper supplier that you can switch to now.

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