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Why Does My Energy Bill Always Cost This Much? Help.

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Ever wondered why your energy bill cost so much, firstly there are a number of reasons why your energy bill may be costing you so much,  I'm going to highlight 5 reasons and also provide solutions on what you could do to reduce the cost of your energy bill.

1) There may be a new gadget or device that is using a lot of energy. Have you recently purchased an item that is using a lot of electricity? Sometimes this could be the case, but not always. If you’ve purchased an item that seems to be consuming a lot of electricity you may want to minimize its use or stop using it all together if that’s practical

2) Are you leaving the lights on when they should be turned off, some households tend to do this a lot and some end up with higher than normal energy bills. A solution to this will be to turn lights off when they are not needed and to also turn items such as TVs, DVDs, VCRs etc. off and not to leave them on standby. Leaving electrical items on standby wastes electricity which you’ll still have to pay for.

3) Are you being as efficient enough with your gas? Some households leave the gas on full blast, this is not needed at all and it’s never a good idea to do just that. You should leave the gas on a mid-setting and close the windows so that the warmth does not escape. You might also want to turn off the radiators / heating in places such as the hallway and spare rooms and the kitchen. You’ll be surprised how much you can save doing just that.

4) Is your meter reading estimated? This tends to happen to a lot of households when they receive their energy bill, some may not realise that the bill has been estimated and it isn’t an actual meter reading. The bill is based on what the energy company assumed you have used over a set period. If this happens don’t pull your hair out or stress over it, all you’ll need to do is to provide an up to date meter reading and it will bring your energy account up to date. When this is done you should receive a revised energy bill from your supplier.

5) Price increase, has there been an increase in your energy prices? This is usually a reason why households receive huge energy bills. If this is the reason then you need to realise that you do have options. If you're not happy with one energy supplier's prices you can easily switch to another supplier. Before you go ahead and do anything I must warn you that before you decide to switch suppliers you’ll need to compare energy prices. This should always be carried out using an impartial energy price comparison site which is regulated by Ofcom. You can use our site to compare energy price as we meet these criteria.

Comparing energy prices to find a cheaper supplier to switch to should take a few minutes and you’ll instantly find out which supplier to switch over to. Your comparison will involve answering a few simple questions aimed at helping you find out if there is another provider that you can switch to for cheaper energy prices.

As soon as you’ve compared gas and electricity prices and found a cheaper supplier then you can also switch suppliers online. The rest of the process will be carried out by your new supplier.

They’ll provide you with confirmation of your tariff and when to expect the switch to be finalised including when you’ll need to provide meter readings. Please note those dates down and provide your meter readings on the stated dates. Your new supplier will use the meter readings you provide to start your energy account and they’ll also pass the same readings onto your old supplier who will then generate your final bill using those meter readings.

If you’ve ever wondered why your energy bill is so high one of these could be the reason.

So now that you're aware of the reasons why your energy bill always cost too much why not compare prices today and find out how much you could save when you switch.

I hope this post will help you get lower energy bills.


You’ll find  out if you can get lower gas and electricity prices today by comparing prices online now, don’t delay.

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