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Why Does My Gas And Electricity Supplier Seem To Be Over Charging Me?

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Ever wondered why it seems as if your gas and electricity supplier has been over charging you? The truth is you’re not alone and there are many households that feel the same way too.


Amongst the households that feel that their gas and electricity supplier keeps overcharging them there is some truth but for some it’s just a misunderstanding.

It’s now up to you to find out if there is any truth in your belief that you are being overcharged by your gas and electricity supplier.


Before we go into how you can find out you may want to read further.

Firstly there are a number of reasons why it may appear that your gas and electricity supplier is overcharging you and this could include the following:


You simply could be on the wrong tariff this is a common occurrence amongst customers even though they may be with the cheapest supplier in their region they have chosen to stick to a gas and electricity tariff that is costing them money. The only way you could find this out is by comparing all energy tariffs in your region online using an independent energy price comparison site, the same type as the one that you can access on our site.  After comparing prices online you’ll be able to confirm which energy tariff is the best one for your needs.



Another reason could be because your bills have been estimated, usually a closer look at the bills will reveal if they are estimated or if they are actual meter readings. You could also decide to compare the meter readings against the bill that you received.



Another reason coule be because there could be an appliance that is using a lot of energy, appliances are usually rated these days by energy efficiency, if you’ve just bought a new appliance and you notice a sudden increase in your bills and there has not been any price increase then there is a possibility that the new appliance could be the culprit. The only solution will be to limit its use if it is possible to do so.



Leaving electrical items on standby instead of switching them off at the mains could also be another reason for high energy bills. A solution will be to turn those appliances off at the mains where practical.



If you’re on a pay as you go meter otherwise known as a prepayment meter you could also be paying off a debt and the debt is being deducted from the money that you are using to top up your energy.


Those are some of the reasons why it may seem that you’re gas and electricity supplier is overcharging you or it could also be that it’s time for you to compare gas and electricity prices online and find out which gas and electricity supplier has the cheapest prices that you can switch over to and begin paying less on your energy bills.



Compare gas and electricity prices online today and stop having to worry about being overcharged by your gas and electricity supplier.


You’ll find  out if you can get lower gas and electricity prices today by comparing prices online now, don’t delay.

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